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Dear friends and family,

If you are reading this you more than likely are aware of our girl’s journey. In 2017, Maddie reached out to family, finally ready to make a break from the abusive and drug riddled home environment she had been stuck in for 17 years. This was a long awaited moment for our family and we celebrated the opportunity to help her recover from the trauma she had endured as well as support her future goals and endeavors; which up until this point, looked grim. Maddie moved in with her loving grandparents. They treasured the gift of having her in their home and being apart of her senior year in high school. For the next year Maddie worked very hard to graduate with her Montgomery High School class of 2018 and secure a spot at the university level. She took the opportunity to attend Stephen F. Austin University in the fall of 2018 and take part in their honors program for incoming freshmen. No one could possibly fathom the great lengths our girl went to for these accomplishments or the blood, sweat and tears poured into overcoming every obstacle set before her along the way- all while healing and recovering. For the last 4 months Maddie has worked tirelessly to maintain a healthy GPA at SFA- pursuing steadfast her dream of becoming a speech/occupational therapist for special needs children. Her situation has been quite unique. Her college experience has not been like most- happy, warm, feel good support and visits from mom and dad. It has mostly been a reminder that in the scheme of things, she is on her own. We (her extended family) have supported and cheered and loved to great lengths. And today we need your help. The person (whom will not be named) that promised to come through for Maddie on the remaining balance of her tuition (DUE TODAY) Has, yet again let this precious girl down. This time it isn’t a prom dress. It’s not a cap n gown. It’s not the car promised and not delivered on. It is her future. If Maddie’s tuition balance is not paid this week, she is at risk of losing credit for the classes she has worked so hard at for 4 months. Not only that, she will be unable to register for next semester. Our family is pooling our resources to bridge the gap. (It takes a village!) But we cant make this happen for our girl without the help of our family and friends. If you are able, any amount that you can give towards this balance would truly have a lasting impact on the future of a fellow human being and go to show her that not all of us back down on our word. There are still good people in this world and we hope we can show her that by coming through for her in her time of need. Thank you for taking the time read. And thank you for any amount you are able to give. We are currently working with the university to head-off any future financial aid issues

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