What Makes Future College Fund Different?

There are many crowdfunding websites out there, but what makes Future College Fund different? It may be that we are the only crowdfunding platform solely dedicated to funding college and tuition costs. But we are also the only crowdfunding platform that pays you in real-time. Every monetary gift that is donated to your Future College Fund campaign is deposited to you immediately. We are very unique in that we don’t hold the gifted money for a period of time, or until your campaign is over, or until your goal is met; like the others out there. We also don’t do the “all or nothing” campaigns like the others. Other crowdfunding sites only transfer the funds if you reach your goal within the period of time you select for your campaign. We don’t do that! We don’t have any loop holes in getting your gifted money. So be careful on the other crowdfunding sites you may set a goal for your campaign but if you don’t reach that goal in the time set you will never see any of that money.

Our campaigns can run with “no end date” you can always share your Future College Fund campaign or run short campaigns during Birthdays, Holidays, and Graduations. We don’t want you to miss any opportunities to save for college. We also don’t hold you to your goal. Set any amount for your goal so your family and friends know what you are hoping to save, but it’s not something you have to reach to be funded. We want to keep everything simple for everyone. That’s why we fund in real-time!

Happy Saving!

Future College Fund

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