Hi, I just met with my financial advisor and have set up a 529 account for my son. I had the idea to build a website for my son so that my family can donate to that for his first birthday instead of sending toys/gifts. That’s how I found your page.  -Adam


Future College Fund was easy to set up and now I have family donating to my daughters college account.  -Mary


We get so many toys on Birthdays I thought it would be a good idea to set up a campaign for my son and that way anyone that didn’t want to buy a present could donate $30 to his college fund.  -Rory


I really like that now I can donate $100 to each of my grandkids future college fund accounts for the holidays. It makes it really easy since they all live out of state and now all I have to do is click a button and they get their gift!  -Mitra


Now I gift my niece and nephew through their campaign for their birthdays. It’s a lot easier than trying to figure out what they want. It also goes to a more meaningful cause; their education. -Garret


My daughters next birthday I am going to put her campaign url  for future college fund on her birthday invitations and let everyone know that we would like donations to her college fund instead of toys.  -Laura