What Makes Future College Fund Different?

There are many crowdfunding websites out there, but what makes Future College Fund different? It may be that we are the only crowdfunding platform solely dedicated to funding college and tuition costs. But we are also the only crowdfunding platform that pays you in real-time. Every monetary gift that is donated to your Future College […]

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Just How Far Will Your Cash Go?

The night? The week? The summer? This graduation season why not give a gift that will help years down the road? With a safe investment in your graduate’s Future College Fund. Crowdfunding your child’s education is a safe and secure gift that will help them when they need money the most — to help pay […]

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A New Chapter Brings New Savings

As you celebrate your child’s great achievements this season, you cannot help worry about the next chapter in your graduate’s life. Future College Fund helps take some of the worries out of your child’s college investment. By crowdfunding your child’s college savings, they’ll have secured savings to help pay off debt. Invite your friends and […]

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Help Create a Future as Vivid as His Imagination

Whether it’s flying to Mars or up the corporate ladder, funding your child’s education will help them soar. A crowdfunded campaign from friends and family through Future College Fund will help take the pressure off your child’s college investment. It’s easy to start, safe to save and beneficial for years. Their imagination has no bounds, […]

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